SKU: 0031

Ring "The Blue Lagoon". Silver, gold, topaz

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
  • Insert: Topaz 7x5 mm


The case where elegance and style are combined in one decoration. The case when the ring - not only the implementation of creative design, but also an effective picture of author's skill. The moment when the ring is a work of jewelry art and also a source of refinement and minimalism.

The azure beauty of topaz covers the silver canvas with its soft aurora. With our beautiful "Blue Lagoon" ring you feel on the sandy beach of Bali. Your bare feet are covered by soft grains of sand, you look at the endless smooth surface of the ocean, the horizon descends to the point of contact between water and sky.

The color of the sky, the color of the sea kingdom, the color of the most beautiful eyes in the world. Blue waves quietly sneak up to your feet and embarrassedly sail into the ocean. The love of life is the vocation of every man. Draw the colors with your heart, and they will brighten your life. It's true, we checked.

The ring from the collection "Blue Lagoon" is created for beautiful women who know how to wear designer jewelry. For those who love originality and style in their accessories.

The smooth base of the ring is made of pure silver. In the golden caste - a gentle blue topaz, so transparent and unusual. It saturates the world around with a warm celestial color.