SKU: 0096

Ring "Vanishing sight". Silver, gold, chrysolite, orange sapphire

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
  • Insert: Chrysolite 6x6x6 mm and a sapphire 2 mm
  • Plating: Gilding and oxidation


In the photo there is an unusual ring "Disappearing view" from the collection "The touch of nature". This silver ring with tanzanite and emerald of natural beauty, covered with gilding and white rhodium. An amazing combination of a variety of shapes, colors, metals and textures! In this collection there are also rings and earrings, made in the same jewelry genre.

This original ring "The Vanishing View" is a symbol of the continuous change and growth of our jewelry skill. We never want to stop there. Only movement forward, only development. As one great mathematician said: "Maybe this world is too perfect for us to know it to the end." But if you do not do this all the time, then life would be boring and purposeless.

We create beautiful and original decorations with a unique style and forms. In this ring, we combined the purple tanzanite and the bright green glow of the emerald. We came up with this unique design on the principle: "Do not play what already exists. Play, improvise what else is not. "

The Ring "The Vanishing View" is a direct testimony. It should be taken care of, because it is unique and does not have its name.