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Signet "Sea luck". Silver, gold, oxidation

Available in showroom: Uzhhorod

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
  • Plating: Oxidized


«The sea is my only love,» said Captain Jack Sparrow in all his favorite film «Pirates of the Caribbean.» We think he wore the «Sea Luck» ring with pleasure. And maybe he would not need other treasures.

The nature of the sea is ambiguous. There are moments of quiet tranquility, when the sea is so tender and calm, so compliant and kind that I want to hug and kiss every drop of it. And there are hours of loud anger, powerful and senseless aggression, when it crushes everything in its path, not wanting to submit to either the distant heavens, the burning rocks, or the pacified earth.

It is impossible to understand why this happens. We see a superficial, mirror-like surface with helpless little waves that gently touch the skin. We often do not see the depth, and are not able to realize the essence of the ocean flesh.

Giuseppe Mazzvini said: «The sea and the sky are two symbols of infinity.»

Remember the first moments when you saw an endless sea surface? At first you thought that your vision was deceiving you, hiding the shore behind an endless veil of water and sunset. You have long looked at the blue-green beast, trying to understand where its beginning, and where the end. You revel in beauty, like a mirage, for a brief sleep.

And the dream was real, and the first touch of the ocean convinced you in the reality of the moment.

The ring «Sea luck» will become for you a symbol of infinity in the space of the soul. The ring is made of silver in a special author’s texture. Its meaning is that the formidable elements raging waves left traces on the canvas of rocks. The sun plays with rays on a golden anchor.