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Ring «Twig». Yellow gold, rubies

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14k Gold
  • Insert: Rubies 1.5 mm


There is nothing meaningless in the world. And even if it is not so, then thanks to consciousness, a person can bestow even the most fragile and inconspicuous sides of reality with a higher meaning. We think in categories and abstractions, and therefore we are able to create whole worlds with our imagination.

Here is a beautiful ring with a ruby. Just an ornament or a storehouse of thought and mental pictures?

In the East, the ruby was valued more than the diamond, because it was believed that the ruby gives the owner fearlessness of the eagle, the strength of the lion and the wisdom of the snake. The cap of Vladimir Monomakh was crowned with rubies. In the crown of Catherine II there was also a huge ruby — a gift from King Gustav III of Sweden. Caesar Borgia wore a stone with a ruby called «The Fire of Borgia», and legends say that the stone repeatedly saved his life.

So just decoration or ancient legends, encased in an outfit of yellow gold?

The «Twig» ring reveals beautiful features of nature in amber twisted twigs. Rubies are brightly marked with a deep pink and red color and give the ring even more charm.