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Matte ring «Tree of Life, roots». Silver, oxidation

Available in showroom: Uzhhorod

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Base width: ~ 10 mm
  • Plating: Oxidized
  • Width range: 7,5-10 mm


A ring from our collection "The Tree of Life".

Nature — as a resource of the planet, inexhaustible in its manifestations of beauty, tranquility and everlasting wisdom. If you have lost your way, then you just need to turn to her for help. Nature has given us eyes to see the sky every morning, gave us hands to love by touch, gave us a body to explore the world around us.

Do not you see the love of the universe in every cell of your body, in every inch of skin?

Realize the indisputable fact: a person is beautiful and endowed with an immortal soul. Time passes at a frantic pace, and we are given so little and much at the same time. Enjoy life, fresh air, accidental touch, favorite music in your ears.

Every morning Steve Jobs woke up and asked himself: "If this was the last day of my life, would I have lived it exactly as I do today?" He was not only a designer, an intellectual and a conceptualist of the world. He was a free man who did not recognize authority and lived the life in which he wanted to wake up every morning.

Do not be Steve Jobs, do not be Bill Gates or Paul Durov. Be yourself, all other roles are already occupied, and the words of the play are learned. Realize your undeniable perfection with our ring from the collection "Tree of Life".

The ring is made of silver, and the tree is oxidized. The matte surface of the ring gives a gentle touch to your skin. Always remember that you are the favorite child of the universe. And let your world be beautiful.