Thiamine — silver ring with topaz and yellow gold
SKU: 0276
SKU: 0276

Thiamine — silver ring with topaz and yellow gold

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Sterling silver
Topaz 4 mm
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To find a human who will overcome any misfortune and make you happy, just look in the mirror.

But look carefully: pay attention to your eyes. Just imagine how much they have seen and experienced. How many beautiful sunsets, random strangers and bitter-tasting experiences they've managed to translate into your reality.

Now, lips: how many smiles, gushing laughter to stomach aches, or fear, tension and despair reflected on them.

Body. This body is worth you saying "thank you" every day and giving it only the best emotions. It wants you to finally spread your own wings and soar to where your destiny awaits you. For you belong here on Earth. It begs that you allow yourself to be loved and feel the brightest sides of your personality. It wants you to be happy. Maybe you should allow yourself a little more.