Vitamin — golden ring with black spinel
SKU: 1170
SKU: 1170

Vitamin — golden ring with black spinel

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14k White and Yellow Gold
Black spinel 4 mm and
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Black color is unique in its properties. This is the "color of lack of color" - it absorbs absolutely all colors, not releasing them to the outside world. Black is paradoxical, because it is connected with infinity, with silence, with the female life force. It evokes a sense of mystery, security and comfort.

More than once, fashion designers from all over the world said that the classic will never go away; it is eternal, like the fashion itself. Black color in dresses and accessories will always be relevant, especially if it concerns jewelry and precious stones.

We chose a black spinel for the ring from the collection "Vitaminka". The ring is made of white gold with the help of special authoring forging.

Black Spinel peacefully lies in a golden caste, enjoying the recognition and its own beauty.