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Ring "The Vitamin". White, yellow gold, red garnet

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold and 14k Yellow Gold
  • Insert: Garnet 4 mm


In the world there are many shades of red. Delicate translucent poppy color in the summer garden. The saturated color of pomegranate juice, it spreads out in large warm drops over a glass. The sharp color of cayenne pepper, it excites the sight of solid colors. The juicy color of the first spring strawberry, it plays a sweet tenderness of taste.

Well, the red garnet combines all the shades at once. It, like a chameleon, varies depending on the angle at which we look at it.

In the epic of the ancient Mongols, garnet was described as "a drop of the dragon's blood". And in the sacred Mongolian books the garnet appears as a "frozen volcano fire glowing in the dark". It was believed that the owner of a fiery-red mineral gains control over people and material well-being.

Nature does not like pale transparent shades in a grenade. She likes fresh colors and coarse juicy colors. A stone of love, hot feelings and real life. Ring with a pomegranate symbolizes love, friendship, gratitude. Not the sweet feelings and pale shadows, but the pulsing heart of energy and light!

The garnet is especially well combined with gold and sun, because it was created by nature to alliance with them. We presented an organic combination of fire and light in a wonderful ring from the collection "The Vitamin".