SKU: 0276

Ring "The Vitamin". Silver, gold, topaz

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Topaz 4 mm


Silver. It surrounds us in nature, in the earth's crust, in the sea and river water, even in meteorites. Also this precious metal is partially in the human body. You've heard the legend that the man himself is made of particles of stellar dust that has transformed into a holistic and solid element?

If you ask yourself, whether our silver ring with topaz is suitable for you, then in fact you already know the answer for a long time. We called it "Vitaminka" to once again emphasize the amazing properties of silver for a person.

Wearing it on your hand, you will feel calm, inner silence, lightness and self-confidence. To be honest, wearing silver is like meditation. Touching this precious metal, you get the power to control your emotional nature and improve your mood.

And the blue topaz in a golden caste adds a liveliness to the image of the ring and pleasantness to the eyes. Topaz is perfectly combined with silver, because this stone, according to legends, is also able to tame the elements and renew the inner spirit of man.

You can buy our silver ring with topaz "Vitaminka" as a gift for a loved one. It is perfect for beautiful girls and women.