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Ring «The source of life.» Silver, oxidation, garnet

Available in showroom: Uzhhorod

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Red garnet 8x6 mm
  • Plating: Oxidized


Life is like a play in a theater. What difference does it make how long it lasts if it is played well and dignified?

So said Seneca. And we can not disagree with the judgment of the great thinker.

Wake up in the morning, thank the world for all the wonderful things that he gave you. Tell him «thank you» for the fact that together with you the red-cheeked sun has woken up. Feel a flood of gratitude for your body, eyes, sensations.

Throw the world an eyeful of sunny smiles, even if you do not want to smile. Embrace it not with your hands, but with your soul, even if you do not believe in its existence. Thank the Universe for what you are here and now, for all the opportunities that fate has given you.

Kiss the sky and clear, sleepy stars. Embrace the oceans and deserts, open the heart to meet trees and flowers. Allow yourself to be a little happier than yesterday. Allow yourself to accept life as it was conceived.

Find in yourself the source of joy and inspiration. You are beautiful, and your world is dreaming of taking care of you. Jack London said: «In the end, the person is given only one life — why not live it properly?»

Love, smile, do what you like. You are the creator of your world. Within you is the source of the universe, the source of the most real life.

And outwardly it is expressed in a collection of jewelry with the same name «Source of Life». Incredibly beautiful silver ring in the author’s style, with the texture of the tree. Crimson garnet with a drop of dawn adorns the floral lines of the ring.

However, this ring is not all that we have prepared for you. After all, the earrings and a pendant from the "Source of Life" series will fit perfectly.