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Ring «The society lioness». Palladium gold, tanzanite, diamonds

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Palladium Gold
  • Insert: Tanzanite 6 mm and diamonds 1.5 mm
  • Sizes: The width of the base is 3.5-5.5 mm. The diameter of the caste is 12 mm.


She is always in the center of attention, in the focus of cameras, in the heart of bohemian events, in the light of soffits. She is accustomed to basking in the rays of glory. It is natural for her to bathe in the ocean of luxury.

She used to walk along the red carpet, see her photos on the front pages of fashion magazines, while remaining indifferent to the gossip of envious people. She can look gorgeous and perfect, shocking and respectable. She can shine a splendid smile, even if sadness has settled in her heart. Even if the heart is broken. She is a real socialite.

Who will guess what is in her thoughts? Who will unravel the mystery of her true feelings? Who will feel the genuine sincerity of her soul? This task is not easy! This mystery for desperate brave souls!

A secular lioness is always strong and confident. It is never exchanged for trifles. Certainly striving for the best. She is determined to win and glory! And they give it to her.

The secular lioness is one of the images of a fatal and strong woman, eccentric and independent, prosperous and adored, famous and famous, the real character of which, however, remains a mystery to the whole world.

The ring «Secular lioness», like the image itself — charismatic and special, strong and elegant, seductive and disobedient. It bewitches looks and breaks hearts, becomes someone’s dream and someone’s sweet flour!

Status and valuable — created from palladium gold noble cold shade, adorned with numerous diamonds and with shining tanzanite in the heart — this ring is worthy to become an irresistible adornment of the most demanding secular lady.

Subtle taste, luxury and perfection — these attributes give this decoration, appearing on your hand.

Immortal classical forms we combined with our unique style and energy. Thus, we have a special collection of «Bohemia», one of the colors of which became the ring «The Secular Lioness».