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Ring «The point of contact». White gold, topaz

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold
  • Insert: Topaz 5 mm


The design of the «Touch Point» collection can be compared with the orbits of two electrons in an atom. When faced, the energy of their collision gives rise to something special and valuable. What scientists have long been looking for and can not find. What reveals the secret of the moment of the birth of the universe.

At this stage, a handful of scholars were only on the fact that all planets and physical bodies arose as a result of a large explosion. Not everyone is sure about this, but nonetheless, the theory has the right to life.

But what triggered the big bang? What great energy has become the basis of the beginning of everything? What is the meaning of the theory of the explosion, if we return to the same question of the causal connection, the law of the world order?

The first law of theorem dynamics and the universal conservation law of energy tells us that energy in nature does not arise from nothing and does not disappear: the amount of energy is invariable, it only transitions from one form to another. And in order to have a big explosion that has spawned life, from the simplest unicellular to the incredibly high forms of conscious life, a great power of energy is needed. And the huge point of contact of energy in space and time.

In the book of one philosopher of our time, we met the statement that the universe and the entire galaxy can be placed in the needle ear. All comes down to one counterpoint. This is the beginning and end of the universe, the only universal point of meeting all the organisms and consciousnesses. Later we realized that a point may not exist in a single temporal spatial location; it can be everywhere and nowhere at a time. Perhaps we metaphorically express the point of contact in our hearts.

So the design of the «Touching Point» ring was created. From golden weaving, energy flows to a single point, where the blue topaz of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment shines. The ring is made of white gold.

We will always have many questions without answers. About me, about the world, about spiritual searches. But we believe that there is a counterpoint to the universe, where everything becomes transparent and clear. And everything will be so simple and brilliant, the explanations will be available, and the belief that the whole of our perfect world was created by the hand of the great architect will not disappear.