March twig — gold chrysolite ring
SKU: 0262
SKU: 0262

March twig — gold chrysolite ring

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Yellow 14K gold
Chrysolite 4 mm
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Walking barefoot over silky green grass on a radiant summer day is one of life’s most pleasant sensations. See the fresh juices of berries on your fingers, take the succulent perfumes of nature into every cell of your body, feel the presence of the world in your soul.

A fresh summer breeze winds its way around your neck and over your eyelashes, leaving no trace save for a subtle swell of heat. It floats over the grass like a smiling passer-by and raises its gaze to the distant blue sky. On the trees, delicate twigs inhale the aroma of the sun and wind and sense the continuity of the Earth. Nature is a universe within the universe that resembles the colours of summer, the hues of a rainbow and the resplendence of flowers. The colour green carries great significance for us, subconsciously symbolizing growth, physical and spiritual development and harmony with nature.

Green soothes us and provides us with a feeling of lightness and security. Generosity and reliability are its middle names. It is pleasing to the eyes, and we are sure that our «Twig» collection will be pleasing to your heart.

The ring is a particularly feminine one, and one might even say it is creatively radiant. It's crafted from yellow gold and featuring chrysolite inserts, which are perfect for any style and masterfully underscore a woman’s natural beauty.