SKU: 1335

Ring "The Honey Queen". Silver, gilding, yellow opal

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Yellow opal weighing 10 carats
  • Plating: Oxidized and gilding


"So sweet honey, that at last it is bitter." Excess of taste kills the taste, "- an immortal quote from the sonnet of William Shakespeare.

Honey is associated with the sun, bright yellow heat, sweetness, tender silky taste. It is the essence of true love of nature for its creatures. He can eat any living being and at the same time be saturated with useful gifts of nature.

They say that honey is love from the flower of life. And even from bitter colors, bees can collect honey. In any circumstances, life still gives us sweet moments and little joys. Beautiful moments, when the sun's heat saturates every cell of the skin - a direct association with the honey kingdom.

Our ring "Honey Queen" is a concentrate of sweet colors and sunny beauty. The ring is made of silver, covered with oxidation and gilding. The shape of the ring is strange and mysterious, like the wavy reality of "Alice in Wonderland".

We decorated the ring with a magnificent yellow opal. Its color resembles granular sweet honey on a silver-gold canvas.