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Ring «The Grail». 18K Yellow gold, emerald, yellow diamonds

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  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 18k Gold
  • Insert: Emerald 7.7 x 5.5 mm and 18 yellow diamonds with a total weight of 0.24 carats


He was protected by knights from the Knights Templar. They wanted to take possession of all the imperious rulers in the world. Leonardo da Vinci painted it in «The Last Supper.» The knights of King Arthur tried to track him down.

In «Parzifale» it is written: «If a person looks at the Grail, he will be healed forever. Whether it is a virgin or a husband, if they take possession of a stone, they will remain forever young. »

Holy Grail. Source of wisdom and immortality. The most mystical legend and one of the inescapable world secrets.

Legends claim that the Grail is an emerald bowl. Other legends present it as a stone. The rest say that he has no physical form.

Who to believe, you ask? Believe yourself. The heart will tell you the whole truth about the Grail, if you really want to know it. And let it be just a metaphor, but the most significant.

Only a pure soul can see the Grail. Only an open heart can accept it. Only a luminous consciousness can comprehend it.

The form does not matter. The content makes the form flawless.

Take care of yourself in person. The grail was given to each of us at the time of the creation of the world. When the word was first pronounced, when love became the foundation of the universe.

The grail is as beautiful as your soul is beautiful. We do not know whether we have succeeded in perfectly conveying the form of the soul. Just know that we tried very hard. As an artist, it is difficult to paint the Universe, and it is not easy for us to recreate the most beautiful thing in it.

We have made your Grail out of 750 gold. They decorated the golden caste with the emerald of angelic purity and a frame of yellow diamonds.

Open your heart and take the Grail into it.