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Ring "The Chess Queen". Silver, gold, amethyst

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
  • Insert: Amethyst


The world is an interlacing of infinite space and time. In the soul of each person hundreds of worlds, feelings, images and events are animated. Sometimes we want to weed out all the inner pictures and find ourselves in a sweet cloudy tale.

We very much like the work of Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland" for the mystical charm of a children's fairy tale. In it we see the struggle between good and evil, beautiful characters, incredible events. And especially we like the character - the White Chess Queen. The lady of time who spends Alice in the World Through the Looking Glass and tells her about the hour spaces.

Her clothes look like a chess table, white sections of takani intertwine with black. The huge queen of the Chess Queen literally hypnotizes the viewer, moving to the rhythm of the music.

Her subjects are harlequins, they hold the queen's skirt and accompany her when she walks through the fantastic realm. The chess queen is mysterious and unusual, like our ring with the same name.

Unique author's design and unusual form erect a halo of mystery around the ring. In the golden caste there is a huge twilight amethyst.