Solar wind — silver ring with yellow gold
SKU: 1037
SKU: 1037

Solar wind — silver ring with yellow gold

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Garnet 10x8 mm

The sun and the wind are the fiery elements that rule the world. They give nature the energy, affectionately embracing it with gentle moons or a gusty wave.

Socrates said: "The sun has one drawback: it can not see itself." The elements do not see or hear their greatness, they admire the world, but they are not proud.

Have you seen how beautiful the wind moves in the heat of a hot summer? He, soaked in sun and moisture, comes to the woods, to trees, to man. The solar wind caresses the cool shoulders with rays, giving a part of great warmth and kindness.

Our ring from the collection "Sunny Wind" is like a swift wave of thought, on the hot transparent waves of the elements. It tells of the beauty of the evening sunset, of the faint flickering of the forest mist, of the gentle touch of the warm wind to the cheek. Sensations from him are as beautiful as a sunny walk barefoot on the soft green grass.

We do not always want fragile delicate ornaments. They do not always express the essence of our inner world to the end. A person is not always kind and gentle. Life starts to anchor and shakes the storms, like a morose Poseidon. In such cases, we need mental strength and anti-fragility.

Massive silver collection "Sunny Wind" turns the ring into an anti-fragile and strong. Such a ring can withstand the peace and ease away from the impetuous waves. Decoration as a part of the soul and character trait.

Golden threads cut a silver canvas. The fiery red garnet glows, giving great power and inner strength to its bearer.