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Ring «Siren». Palladium gold, blue spinel, diamonds

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  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14K Palladium gold
  • Insert: Blue spinel and diamonds 1.5 mm


The Sirena Ring is an ornament with a special «sound», a unique timbre and a hypnotic frequency. It draws its gaze and makes the heart beat more often. It has depth, mystery, passion, intrigue. His character is impulsive, and the essence is mysterious. His image is irrevocably seductive and temptingly dangerous, like the sweet voice of the mythical sea siren.

The song of the siren is fascinating. It fogs the mind, conquers the heart and takes control of the feelings. Having heard the callous sounds of the sea nymphs, no seaman can resist, no man is able to escape from a drunken, seductive trap. He is disarmed and subdued, ready to give life, heart and soul in the name of unearthly beauty!

According to ancient Greek mythology, the sirens — the sea creatures, personified the magical, but deceptive sea-lying, under which hid the sharp rocks and treacherous grits. The legend says that the sirens have inherited from their father — the god of a stormy sea — wild spontaneity, and from the mother-muses — a divine sweet voice. It was thanks to the latter that all those whose wonderful songs came to their attention in captivity to the sirens.

The first references to dangerously magic marine inhabitants can be found in the famous «Odyssey». Odysseus became the first person to be able to hear the siren song while still being alive. After this, the sirens descended into the sea, turning into sharp rocks.

The images of charming, seductive half-peoples, half-tribes (or half-peoples-poluptsy) from ancient times were amazed by the imagination of people. In the southern Italian city of Surrenti there was a temple of sirens, and Naples built a tomb of one of them — Parthenops. The image of the siren has long been considered a lure and was often found on ornaments, epitaphs, books and ships.

The «Siren» Ring became a figurative visual, tactile, and (most important!) Jewelry incarnation of the magic voice of the siren. The decoration seduces and hypnotizes as well as the song of the mythical sea nymph. The base of the ring is made of palladium gold. These are restless sea waves, and sharp rocks, about which numerous ships crashed with full seamen’s unrestrained passion.

Like the royal beauty of the rose, capable of wounding their thorns, and the beauty of «Sirens» — it is primarily dramatic beauty. The beauty that gives pleasure requires a sacrifice. This is a beauty that calls to leave everything and give it to captivity. To plunge into the abyss of passion. Drowning in the waves of stormy feelings! And it is impossible to resist it! Even knowing about the difficulties, storms, reefs, underwater currents and danger. The sweet-eyed singing of a siren, like an unsurpassed look of the ring of the same name, instantly conquers the heart and leaves no maneuver for the mind.

The magic blue spinel in the center of the decoration — like a bottomless oceanic water, draws a glance at the depths of the color, in the pearls of shades and glare of the faces. She tells a story about an entirely different mysterious world that is hidden far below the surface and forever remains a mystery to the uninitiated.

A special form of the caste of the «Siren» ring generates many associations. In it you can see both the wings and fins of the mythical sea nymphs, and the curved shores of the islands of the sea. The twelve valuable diamonds encrusted on both sides of the central stone tell a story about the immense treasures and fabulous wealth that forever remained captive to the marine elements with silent witnesses of fatal seduction.

Inappreciable, sweet and seductively dangerous — such was the voice of a sea siren. This is the special «Siren» ring.