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Ring "Planet of Corals". Silver, oxidation, yellow gold, ruby

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold
  • Insert: Ruby 6x4 mm
  • Plating: Oxidized


The world is an infinite variety of shapes and colors. How much we do not know how many countries we have not yet seen, how many people have not met! In order to see the entire infinity of the universe, you need many years of wandering. In order to read all the great sources of intelligence and spirituality, hundreds of thousands of hours are needed.

Time is sorely lacking, it runs in wide strides, leading us from one destination to another. And what if we create worlds within ourselves?

Tolkien created a wonderful world with elves and dark magic. George Martin gave us an incredible story with dragons and powerful families. Joan Rowling has built a world of wizards and great heart-doers. Just imagine for a moment: all our favorite stories and characters that conquered the world, arose in the head of a man!

Truth was told by Sergei Lukyanenko: "Man has nothing to build worlds, except himself."

Consciousness and imagination are building materials for the creation of universes. Yes, we can look at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, the Sistine Chapel in Italy, the magical amphitheatres in Greece. And what will we see? The legacy of the mind and the treasure of the imagination of people who lived hundreds and thousands of years before us.

Imagine how powerful a man is!

And we built an endless turquoise lagoon with dark sands gilded by the sun. We presented the planet-ocean, which is poured by a million cosmic colors and constantly produces new shades. We created a silver castle with hundreds of round windows, from which you can contemplate the wonderful beauty of sunset.

We made a small world and called it "Planet of Corals". On the silver canvas, we painted a picture with succulent colors - a red ruby ​​in a gold vestment brightly reveals its radiance from the depths of the planet.

And what worlds have found their place in your heart?