Openwork — ring made of yellow 18K gold with a topaz insert
$2 100
SKU: 1265
SKU: 1265

Openwork — ring made of yellow 18K gold with a topaz insert

$2 100
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Yellow 18k Gold
Topaz 9x6 mm
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In every piece of jewelry should be a highlight. Something immediate, bright, fascinating. A creative person can not wear ordinary and everyday. For a person with a wide scope of the soul, decoration is also a way of self-expression of personality.

For example, what does soft openwork fabric tell you? Most likely, about tenderness, love, graceful touch. She tells us about kindness and femininity, about the creative impulses of the soul.

And what can the crystal-pure topaz speak about, like the tear of an angel? Probably, about inner perfection, desire every day to be the best version of yourself, about the love of peace and humanity.

Tandem yellow gold and blue topaz - very bright. There is a sensation, as if the solar lava has merged in dance with azure, light skies. Or a dense wheat field met languid clouds with transparent eyelashes. Or the bright edge of the summer river met the resistance of the yellow-eyed fields.

Decoration should tell you stories of its origin. It should not be empty or banal. It is important to emphasize the beauty of your soul and to fall in love with yourself at first sight. Like our ring from the collection "Openwork".