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Ring of the Swallow. White and yellow gold, topaz

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold and 14k Yellow Gold
  • Insert: Topaz 10x8 mm


There’s enough light for those who want to see, and enough darkness for those who don’t, Blaise Pascal once said. 

Swallows symbolize light, home coziness and family warmness. They concentrate tenderness and love. The tender birds that bring spring and rebirth on their wings. 

Tolstoy wrote that they say one swallow doesn’t make spring; but should this dictate the swallow, which already feels spring, not to fly but wait? Then every bud and grass needs to wait, and spring will not come.

One swallow brings to our world the joy of anticipation and pleasant premonitions. You may find two swallows decorating our earrings! They fly around the silver world, bringing to it the marvelous and cozy moments of a new era. The era when nature puts on its floral dress and drops the shackles of cold. 

Spring is the new state of the planet. During this time nature reminds a girl in love: sometimes she is shy and throws a frostbite modestly, as if making a step back; sometimes she blossoms from tender kisses and gives flowers of her soul and the first warm breeze; sometimes she is withdrawn, and during that time it’s typical that rains fall and ambiguity indifferently steps on the horizon. 

And swallows are the faithful messengers of spring in love, a good sign of nature. 

Our «Swallow» rings are made of white and yellow gold.

In the role of the heart of the ring, we chose topaz of breathtaking beauty, it spills like stellar rays before the evening tide. With magic radiance, he attracts glances and gives part of his cosmic heat.