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Ring «Notre Dame». White gold, sapphire

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold
  • Insert: Sapphire 5 mm
  • Sizes: The width of the base is 8 mm


The ring renders the breathing of the Parisian night streets after a sunny day. It inhales the aroma of the Champ Elysees and shades the unconditional majesty of the Louvre. The ring which you won’t confuse with any other jewelry. Putting it carefully on your finger makes you hear the silent whisper of magic words — «Notre Dame». 

A jewelry that can take you a thousand miles away from home and gently bring you to the winding streets of Latin Quarter. And then you appear in the middle of the aroma of perfumes, coffee and fresh pastries. Gentle bends of slender bridges, cozy extensive parks, Gothic features of tall windows, the majesty of ancient monuments dedicated to French kings. Coco Chanel in a black gown, walked gracefully down the local boulevards. In the neighbouring street, Hemingway wrote his famous novels and sipped some coffee. Louis Vuitton drew his sketches right there, in that tall window, and did not know at that time that in 2009 his brand will be presented by Madonna. 

Noise, brilliance, posh and dare — this is how we see Paris!

The «Notre Dame» ring is something more than a quiet whisper of the Seine and the charming atmosphere of an endless holiday. This is the heart of Paris, its historical and cultural majesty. The well-known gothic pattern is enriched with round lines reminiscent of Notre Dame de Paris. This is the soul of Paris; its thoughts are artistically written in the works of Hugo and Balzac. 

Melodies, charm, silent delight of contemplation create the essence and beauty of the ring. It conveys not just the beautiful external lines of architecture, but more important internal energy of French charm. 

The ring is made of white14K gold and the pattern reminds of real features of Notre Dame. A magical sapphire is in the heart of the ring.