SKU: 0357

Ring "Morning Flower". Silver, gilding

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Plating: Oxidized and gilding


Inspired by the magic of the morning, we created a new model of the ring - "Morning Flower". With him, you will always feel the warmth of dawn on your hand. This is a very beautiful silver ring with gilding, in the middle of which reveals a tender golden flower.

Every new day is a small life and another opportunity to change the world around you. Often we do not notice how the days and weeks pass. But somewhere in the soul, each of us understands that the greatest happiness is waking up, meeting the dawn of a new day.

Morning is just the time when we feel true love for the universe. Night fears and fears recede into the background, the moon gives way to the sun, and dawn gives warmth to the expectation of a new bright day. The world is truly a beautiful place, despite all the trials and twists that life creates for us.

All nature is dressed in transparent beauty. Flowers open to the sun and wash with morning dew. Birds greet with their singing a new dawn. Trees and leaves are green and covered with a soft haze, which can be seen only in the morning.

With its texture, the ring "Morning Flower" conveys the winding trails of the forest, wide fields and a variety of nature. We performed it with oxidation to maximize the contrast with the opening flower.