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Ring "Mobius ribbon". Red gold, red garnet

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Red Gold
  • Insert: Red garnet
  • Sizes: Base width 3,8-4,2 (depends on size)


In Buddhism there is a concept of «samsara» — the eternal cyclicality of life, permanent passage of time, which every time cuts its own path among the plains of space and perception. Time goes by, time passes — and everything ends as fast as it started. 

Just imagine: dinosaurs lived on our planet for millions of years, much longer than mankind, and now a few bones in American museums is everything that is left. Thousand of years ago, civilization was created by the first tribes, and today we know them only from drawings and ancient tools.

Nowadays, evolution is making great progress, sweeping away with its cape every stereotype and limitations that existed before. Google has already developed the first artificial intelligence. SpaceX plans to colonize Mars within the next few years. Total globalization promotes every little news in every corner of the world.

Progress in moving so fast that we do not have time to look back at how the new technologies emerge. Civilization develops in a mirror, spiral shape. Human DNA is like a flexible ribbon that functions in the human body as a single structural unit. And the organics of the Universe also is reminiscent of a giant dark-winged cape with a stellar shade.

And who are we in this universe?

A gemstone carved by knowledge, experience and determined evolutionary development. Mankind is a bold white diamond on the top of civilizational progress. No, this gem did not want to hide in the mountains. It wanted to become a solar treasure and deploy its power into the golden dimensions of life. 

Yes, a man compared to the universe, is just a tiny grain, a modest stardust, a clear drop in the ocean. But what an organic complement this drop has given to the world!

In the same way the red garnet in the ring from the «Moebius Strip» collection became an exquisite highlight of the jewelry. The ring itself is made of red 14K gold. It gently embraces one’s finger, pleasantly touching the skin with its metallic cold.

And the philosophy behind it is so deep, that we just had to tell about it in words and language of jewelry.