SKU: 0998

Ring "Golden Leaf". Silver, gold, garnet, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Red garnet 3 mm
  • Plating: Oxidation


«Gentleness is never lonely, and it is impossible to mistake true gentleness for anything else, as it is silent... »

A woman is a miraculous confluence of gentleness, elegance and sensual beauty. Consequently, her jewellery should always embody but the lightest shade of her beauty: a freshly inscribed signature on a finished portrait.

Our «Golden Leaf» ring is a citadel of elegance and benevolent beauty. First and foremost, it alludes to the warmth of autumn days, the crunchy orange leaves underfoot, the sunny and resplendent parks. However, it also symbolizes the tender features of a woman’s outstretched arm and the soft embraces of a loving heart.