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Ring "Flora". Silver, gilding, yellow sapphire

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Yellow sapphire is 2.5mm
  • Plating: Oxidized and gilding


Marc Chagall once said: "Art is an unceasing attempt to compete with the beauty of flowers - and always unsuccessfully."

Flowers, like forests under fragile skies, are a peculiar attribute of our life. Sometimes we put more meaning into them than words and deeds. We give love to flowers, we give respect to flowers, we say goodbye, too, with an armful of flowers. That's how they firmly entered our life, and remained in it a sweet trail of fragrance.

Flowers are the femininity of nature. Her smile and tender beauty, as well as her modesty and flirting.

How would like to be in the spring in the tulip gardens in Holland or on the daffodil field, and somewhere in the mountains surrounded by edelweiss! With flowers we associate tender feelings, sunny warmth, aromas and the joy of life. They make us dreamy and kind, as if we ended up in a good fairy tale with a beautiful ending.

And how happy it is when you see a tender flower from the very morning! You have such an opportunity with our tender ring "Flora". Not one flower, but a whole flower kingdom with gilded petals on your hands.

The ring is made of silver, covered with oxidation and gilding. And the heart of the flower pulsates with soft sunny waves in an elegant yellow sapphire.