Equilibrium — a ring made of palladium gold and with a green diamond
$8 640
SKU: 1671
SKU: 1671

Equilibrium — a ring made of palladium gold and with a green diamond

$8 640
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14k Palladium Gold
Green diamond 6.4 mm and weight 1.13 carats
The width of the base is from 3 to 5.5 mm

Equilibrium is total balance, the basis of the material and mental worlds. It's not symmetry, no. Rather, it is the perception of correct proportions as the singular expression of reality. A dot on a piece of paper should be in the middle of the paper. Skewing it off to the side results in emotional tension. 

We perceive harmony as the foundation of life, and deviation from harmony gives rise to our loudest feelings. Music, literature, theatre, art, movement - these things are not harmony. If art is able to touch us, then it should be considered an emotional blow to our perception. 

In the world of Equilibrium, no one laughs too loudly or cries too bitterly. This world is created in perfect proportion and the metrics of consciousness are spelled out in detail in natural laws and categories. 

In the world of Equilibrium, feelings and emotions fluctuate within a generally acceptable range. Love and suffering do not exist as separate emotions, and consciousness serves as an even foundation for judgments and opinions. 

In the world of Equilibrium, paintings and books are transformed into the past, and clandestine enforcers make sure that there is no excess of feelings in the world. Life is a smooth, endless desert with perfectly flat roads and a straight horizon line. 

‘Equilibrium excludes extremes, but only extremes lead to breakthroughs.’ © 

A quiet, calm, obedient life does not lead to great discoveries. Indifference and calm will never be the keys to success. Uniform, flat thinking does not deserve a Nobel Prize. 

The greatness of our species is not manifested in austere thinking or in the grey walls of the everyday. The greatness of our kind is found in instability, disagreement, in breaking the rules and creating our own laws. People grow when the world stops suiting them. 

Equilibrium is a point of balance that must be disturbed. It is all of the mental qualities that distinguish us from others and make us the extraordinary personalities and unique creations of the Universe that we are. 

Equilibrium is a new world that we create with our own laws. Einstein said ‘it takes a genius to master chaos’. Genius does not fear chaos, it thrives within chaos, striving to find logic in that which is disorganized.  

The ‘Equilibrium’ ring is a unique work of art that symbolizes the union of balance and discord, the light, nearly invisible course of reality. The philosophy of the entire world can be forged into a single ring. 

Its base is made from palladium gold in the style of high-tech jewellery. If you enjoy watching dystopian films, the ring’s base should remind you of the austere, futuristic architecture of megapolises that have yet to be built.

As a centrepiece, we set a diamond of green velvet with spectacular contours and lustre in the rectangular gold caste.