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Ring «Equilibrium». Palladium gold, green diamond

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Palladium Gold
  • Insert: Green diamond 6.4 mm and weight 1.13 carats
  • Sizes: The width of the base is from 3 to 5.5 mm


Equilibrium is a total equilibrium, as the basis of the material and mental world. This is not symmetry, no. Rather, it is the perception of the right proportions, as the only expression of reality. The point on the paper should be exactly in the middle of the paper. If it moves into a corner, then such a maneuver will cause emotional stress.

We perceive harmony as the basis of life, and deviations from harmony cause loud sensations in us. Music, literature, theater, art, movement — this is not harmony. If art can catch us alive, then this is an emotional blow to perception.

In the world of the Equilibrium, no one laughs too loudly and does not cry too bitterly. This world is created in impeccable proportions, and the metrics of consciousness are detailed in laws and categories.

In the world of the Equilibrium, feelings and emotions fluctuate within the generally accepted limit. Love and suffering do not exist as separate emotions; and consciousness serves as an even landscape for judgments and thoughts.

In the world of Equilibrium, paintings and books have been turned into the past, and the secret police are making sure that there is no excess of feelings in the world. And life is like an endless harmonious desert with perfectly straight roads and a straight horizon line.

«Equilibrium excludes extremes, but only extremes and lead to breakthroughs.» ©

A quiet, measured, obedient life does not lead to great discoveries. Indifference and calm do not serve as a guarantee of faery success. Uniform, flat thinking does not deserve the Nobel Prize.

The greatness of man is not manifested in the rigor of thinking and the gray walls of everyday life. The greatness of man — in instability, disagreement, violation of rules and the creation of their own laws. A person begins to grow at a time when the world ceases to suit him.

«Equilibrium» — this is the point of equilibrium, which must be broken. These are the spiritual qualities that distinguish us and make us unusual personalities and unique creations of the universe.

«Equilibrium» is a new world, which we are already creating with our own laws. Still Einstein said: «The true genius dominates the chaos.» He is not afraid of him, but manages it as a disorganized order.

The ring «Equilibrium» is a unique piece of jewelry art. It symbolizes a union of balance and disagreement, a soft, almost invisible direction of reality. The whole philosophy of the world can be built on one ring.

Its base is made in the style of jewelry high-tech. If you like watching anti-utopian films, then remember that such a foundation resembles a strict futuristic architecture of future cities. The ring is made of palladium gold.

In a rectangular gold caste, we instructed a velvet-green diamond with an unforgettable contour shine.