Dominant — a ring made of silver, yellow gold and with a topaz
$1 614
SKU: 1807
SKU: 1807

Dominant — a ring made of silver, yellow gold and with a topaz

$1 614
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Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold
Topaz 12x10 mm
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Millions of years ago, the world was nothing but endless gloom and stretches of stardust. Every element in the universe was lonely and unrelated to anything but its own existence. There were no names or events in intergalactic space, only the many atoms separated by space with unusual bonds. 

This state could not endure forever. The universe had to come to know and express itself through the creation of something new, and it reveals itself best of all through the creation of Life. 

Life is the most beautiful and unusual of the gifts that the universe has given to us. It breathed a piece of its infinity into us, instilling us with the time that we now know as Eternity. 

Life has long reflected on how to grow and develop in this world. At one point, however, it simply abandoned its musings and decided to rule over every moment, during every event, in every living soul. Life decided to be the master of time and space. It chose not to wait any longer and grow rapidly from the very depths of the planet, sprouting like twigs on our amazing ‘Dominant’ ring. 

One of them is a dark contrast, like twilight forged from oxidised silver. The other was crafted from bright yellow gold to be as beautiful as a sunny day. Their union signifies that life in all of its manifestations can be different, but equally wonderful. This is the story of the cosmically beautiful ‘Dominant’ ring.