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Ring «Dominant». Silver, yellow gold, topaz, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold
  • Insert: Topaz 12x10 mm
  • Plating: Oxidized


Millions of years ago, there was nothing in the world except sullen infinity and myriads of star dust. Each element in the universe was lonely and not connected with anything other than its own existence. In the intergalactic space there were no names and events — only a lot of atoms separated by space with unusual connections.

This state could not continue forever. The universe must express and know itself through the creation of the new. And best of all, she knows herself through the creation of Life.

Life is the most wonderful and unusual gift that the Universe gave to man. She breathed into us a piece of her infinity and separated the time, which today is called Eternity.

Life has long thought about how it develops in the world. And at one point she decided not to think anymore. She decided to dominate in every moment, in every event, in every living soul. She decided to be the master of time and space. She decided not to wait anymore, but to vigorously germinate from the very depths of the planet! And it sprouted like sprigs on our amazing «Dominant» ring.

One of them is dark and contrasting, like a twilight night, made of oxidized silver. The other one, light and beautiful, like a sunny day, is made of bright yellow gold. They mean that life can be different, but equally wonderful in all its manifestations.

The twigs persistently stretch upward and boldly, with a bright impulse embrace a beautiful stone in a fiery heart — a huge topaz. Such a story of the cosmically beautiful Dominant ring.