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Ring «Celtic Oroboros». Silver, oxidation

Available in showroom: Uzhhorod, Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Plating: Oxidized


Ouroboros is a coiled snake biting its tail. Infinity without beginning and end. In a unique Celtic style.

Can we be sure of something to the end? There are scientists who claim that we live in a matrix, and each consciousness in it is a cell. There are religions that speak of the cycle of fate, rebirths, and eternal life. There is a science that hurries to assure us that we are an evolutionary mistake, a failure of the genocode.

Where does the past end and the future begin? On which branch of reality do we live, and do we exist in the context of the ecosystem of the solar system? Or millions of other systems that we do not even suspect?

We are sure that sooner or later we will find all the answers. They will be simple and brilliant, like the sun of a new day. In the meantime, let us live with feelings, thoughts, words, and thank the sun for not being lazy to get up in the morning.

For now, we will believe that every person is a Universe that expresses itself in man. And choose symbols that will strengthen our faith in our own infinity. And one of such symbols is Ouroboros. And Celtic traditions transform an ordinary ring into something truly amazing and unusual. Filled with the new meaning and breath of centuries.

Silver, oxidation.