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Ring «Canyon». Silver, gold, oxidation

Available in showroom: Uzhhorod

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold
  • Plating: Oxidized


You obviously know the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, one of the states in the USA? Its sand waves drift around the Colorado River, leaving behind warm yellow marks.

Observing the mirror surface of the river, surrounded by sandy peaks, evokes incredible emotions. The river reflects the blue ocean of the sky and the wonders of nature prove another time their true majesty. One can only admire and try to convey this perfection through creations of human thought and heart!

The heart of nature, the harmony of the earth and sky, a piece of the soul of our planet Earth. While making this ring, we deliberately distinguished every twig, every crack, and every smooth line, as this is the only option for you to read the history of the ring and sense the beat of their lives.

You can touch the ring with your finger and feel every bend, every sparkle of form, and content. The ring is polished from the inside and on its surface, you may notice powerful sandy canyons of love. 

The authentic design of the ring brings an interesting idea. The ring is smooth only from the inside, but not its surface. Just like a life of lovers, which is never easy and calm. There are ups til the skies and downs to the woods. There are soft gentle sunsets, as well as dark nights without a single ray of light. Lovers realize that life will never be easy. They also know they will do their best to make each other happy. They don’t care about rivers, mountains, and despair — love will overcome everything.

The «Canyon» ring is made of gold and silver, which is partially covered with oxidation.