Twig — gold black spinel ring
SKU: 0920
SKU: 0920

Twig — gold black spinel ring

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Yellow 14K gold
Black spinel 4 mm
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"Any color is beautiful, if it is black," - a famous quote from the king of the automobile empire of Henry Ford. He did not recognize the authorities and persevered towards his goals. A legendary man who turned the world's head 180 degrees. It seems that his words should be heeded.

Do you remember the fashion queen Coco Chanel? If a woman does not know what to wear, then you need to choose a small black dress. Mandatory black.

Black color is flawless, it is impossible to find flaws in it. He is serene and calm, like a wave of the night sky. He is gentle and elegant, emphasizes the most beautiful and modestly hides the shortcomings behind the curtain of understanding.

In the wardrobe of every woman should be a small black dress and fine jewelry to it. How about the tenderest ring from our collection "Vetochka"?

Our ring looks like a sunny twilight in the autumn forest. Golden branches softly embrace the finger, emphasizing the milky whiteness of the hands. Mysterious black spinel temptingly claps eyelashes: she understands how perfect and desirable the image creates for women's beauty.