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Ring «Andromeda». 18K white gold, pink ruby

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  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 18k White Gold
  • Insert: Ruby


According to the ancient Greek legend, Andromeda is an amazingly beautiful girl. Her beauty was so stunning that she became famous throughout the world for the beauty of her face, hair and unearthly figure. She was the daughter of King Kefei and Cassiopeia. Once her mother boasted that her daughter would surpass the beauty of Nereid.

Poseidon did not understand such jokes - his hot temper became violent and he caught up with the sea monster on the kingdom of Kefei. To save the city from the terrible death could be one way - to tie Andromeda to the sea rock and give it to the power of the sea beast. But the beautiful warrior Perseus saved the girl from the pain and terrible death - and killed the monster.

Any beauty, even the most perfect, still remains imperfect. Under the beautiful eyelashes, sooner or later you will see a set of wrinkles, and in the most sky-blue eyes there is a drop of black bitterness. We do not have to be perfect, we do not have to appeal to the divine ideals, because we are already finished canvas.

Be real, be sincere, be kind, that means being perfect. Do not hide your shortcomings, they are your uniqueness. Do not play other people's roles, they are already engaged. Do not be different, seek Yourself.

After a long life, Andromeda returned to heaven, to her real home. There she became a cosmic being, which we now call the Andromeda nebula. And on another, we also know it as the Andromeda galaxy. In it there are no clear forms and a complete picture, it is constantly changing, and everyone can see it in another person. But her tenderness and cosmic beauty can hit any eyes and fantasy.

Ruby on the amazing ring "Andromeda" characterizes the soul and body of man. There are a lot of different attachments and points in it, only they are able to prove to you the authenticity of the stone. Synthetic ruby ​​would have an ideal color and shape, because it is fantastically unreal. And our ruby ​​is sincere, with a soft warm color and unique shade. It is unique, like every person, with its own merits and demerits.

Ruby is on a high caste, and the base of the ring is all beloved white gold. Looking at him, we understand that perfection is not something polished and embellished with synthetic brilliance, perfection is what comes from the heart.