Septima — wedding ring made of white gold and with diamonds
$2 160
SKU: 1948-1
SKU: 1948-1

Septima — wedding ring made of white gold and with diamonds

$2 160
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White 14K gold
Diamond 2.5 mm, diamond 1,5 mm — 6 pcs. (0.14 ct)
Base width:
~ 4 mm
White rhodium
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The magical number 7. Seven days in a week, seven brightest lights in the solar system, seven wonders of the world. 

Rome were built on seven hills, and Buddha sat under a fig tree, where seven fruits swayed. In India there are seven stages of soul reincarnation , which are allegorically reflected in seven tiers of a classical pagoda, that gradually reduce to the top. 

According to scientific studies, the Sun is 49 times larger than the Earth (which is same as 7 times 7). In nature, there are 7 basic metals — gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper and lead. There were seven famous treasuries and seven gold-rich cities in the world. 

Number seven is symbolically found in many religious sources, this is why it is believed to be sacred. The number of perfection in the external world and in the human body. The number of harmony and impeccable taste in art. 

Seven beautiful diamonds decorate the «Septima» ring. The enigmatic radiance of natural beauty, expressed through the mysteries of the world. The ring is made of white gold and covered with white rhodium.  

The indicative price is for one ring. The final cost depends on the sizes and weight.

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