Winter twig — ring made of yellow gold with garnet
SKU: 5476
SKU: 5476

Winter twig — ring made of yellow gold with garnet

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Yellow 14K gold
Garnet 3 mm
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Imagine a soft autumn time, when the sunset is poured by the juice of forest berries. When in the dark twilight the stars break through, and the stardust is showered on sleepy trees and flowers.

Imagine that the autumn dawn wakes a mint cool and scraps the window like a cat that returns home after a long night’s walk. Imagine that the air smells of pears and saffron, and the world dissolves in a half-sleep, along with the smell of bright yellow autumn leaves.

Fine pictures in consciousness are better than the most expensive paintings of classical artists. Our thoughts are an independent world saturated with all the riches and secrets of the universe. Each person has the freedom to be himself and surround himself with what is dearest to his heart.