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Ring «Morning Glory». Yellow gold, black rhodium

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14k gold
  • Plating: Black rhodium


No two flowers are perfectly alike just as no two women are perfectly alike. One requires a degree of human comforts, but the other has need of only the earth and the sky. Take a moment to consider the morning glory, a plant that grows wherever it so wishes by stretching its stems over long distances. «To each their own» — these words precisely describe the playful and coquettish leaves of the morning glory, nature’s youthful flirt concealed in the mundanity of a Monday briefing at the office. If we wish to break out of everyday routine, however, we must learn to notice everything, even something as small as a flower.

The morning glory is as cunning as a young woman’s glance; it’s impossible to deduce where it came from or where it shall lead. It seems to quickly wind itself across the room before pausing just beyond the reach of your arm. (Now tell me, am I referring to the flower or to the young woman?) A living entanglement of doubts, desires and conjecture has wound itself around her hair. When I put it up to my ear, earrings that carry the name of my entangled young woman are revealed before my very eyes.

No matter how many passions have been torn out by their roots, there is one that shall always remain in my heart, winding its way out to encircle me from time to time but never disappearing fully.

Golden ring «Morning Glory» is for women who value freedom and secretly dream of sharing this value with others. The playful character of jewellery like this will never fail to impress their owner, as nature calls after only those who emulate her best