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Ring «Fury». 18K Yellow gold, ruby

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 18K gold
  • Insert: Rubie 6 mm


In this new world, I could acquire everything: prosperity, security, luxury. Sometimes I managed to buy emotions, but they ran away from me as quickly as the money spent. Most of all I was afraid to stop feeling and swore that I would find her — the muse of my thirsty heart. And when I find it, I will bring her a ruby ​​— a stone of confidence, a powerful Yang energy and the elements of Fire.

Let the earth be flat and let the meteor shower begin, I will still go to it. Because I have been called "crazy" since childhood. My father raised a stubborn mind in me, and my mother — a brave heart. Now I am ready to meet a woman who will be like me. A bit stormy, like a full-flowing spring river. A little crazy, like the first guy in love. A little wild, like wild berries. And a little berserk, like focused summer rain.

I am a traveler in this desert of life. Where should I take, if not to a female heart full of love? It is my mixture of love, passion, and desire. Just like a ruby ​​stone, which can give unlimited power and have an irresistible effect on people, you influence me immeasurably.

Mighty ruby-colored blood flows in my veins again. Therefore, only another crazy person can understand, love and accept the insane.

The true desire to love, which has been pursuing the human being all our life, has inspired us to create the Golden Ring of "Fury". Take a look at this ruby ​​and you will understand why.