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Ring «Melting point». Yellow gold, green sapphire

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Insert: A green sapphire 7,2x5,3 mm


It all starts with a look. He, she and the desire that causes dimples on the cheeks. Something like a sudden cold rain in July and at the same time the first warm day when the snow begins to thaw. No one warned that the thaw would come so soon. How difficult it was to accept that a person came into your life to simply love you.

The regular use of her tone of voice leads to a pleasant addiction.

The regular use of his arms makes her think she’s home. Calm and inspiration are the side effects of their love. Alchemical, but true from what was once on earth.

A spring that sneaks through the ice of your still closed hearts. A ray that runs through the darkness of despair and banal despair. A melting point that obeys the laws of physics, not the other way around.

The least she can give him is to ask in the middle of a crazy day, «How are you?» But when she says it, it seems as if life itself cares for him. They don’t have perfect relationships, but they laugh through tears and kiss through misunderstandings. And the physics and it's melting point is to blame for everything.

Sometimes spring comes to you in the form of a human being and this is our new ring «Melting point». The fantastic combination of green sapphire and yellow gold is a reminder of the first blazing feelings that mesmerize your eyes and warm you with inner warmth.