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Ring «First meeting». Silver, emerald, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Emerald 5 mm
  • Plating: Oxidation


Time, place and circumstance can come together under a blue moon to produce something truly remarkable. A real rendezvous such as this happens only once in a thousand everyday encounters. At first glance, when it was unclear where you ended and another person began. At a first date with someone that alters your existence on a planetary scale. 

I carefully keep track of all first encounters. Just like mothers cherish the moment when they first see their newborn children. I cherish them, as lovers cherish one another after a long parting, as a great dreamer seeing the results of their work for the first time. I cherish them like a tireless traveller who has at long last returned home.

Even now, when I know your name and all of your customs, you remain a most charming stranger. It is good that we did not pass by one another back then and are still on the path to one another today. What shall we consider our first encounter? The day he met you or met himself in you? The day when I first held you under the lanterns of your block or when our souls first embraced? Let the celestial strategist who planned our meeting decide. I’ll just cherish the moments.

The «First Encounter» double ring is the embodiment of the affection that so defines those earliest moments. An elegantly coloured emerald is festively adorned with silver. Through them, the master’s hand seems to reach out and touch your very heart with sublime warmth in every millimetre.