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The ring «New Muse». Palladium gold, diamonds, emerald

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Palladium Gold
  • Insert: Emerald 7.66x5.70 mm and diamonds 8 pieces - 2 mm


Dance of inspiration. A sip of passion. The impulse of creativity. Illumination and enlightenment. Desire to create without sleep and rest. What a sweet feeling!

A light breeze brings the fragrance of her perfume. Her heels reflect a special rhythm, synchronize with the heartbeat, and then sharply accelerate it. The cut of her eyes and dresses excites the imagination. The unique silhouette attracts the view of the magnet.

It’s unrivaled! It is incomprehensible! She is amazing! She is the New Muse!

One swipe of the eyelashes is enough to create immortal poetic lines. One turn of the head — to create new artistic masterpieces. One graceful movement of the hand — that was written a new play for the theater! The artist dreams of transferring her image to the canvas, the sculptor — to embody in stone, the jeweler — in gold!

A beautiful muse — like a bright flash of divine revelation, comes to the artist in the most harmonious and desired form.

The magic of the New Muse is fresh and tempting, like the colors of the rainbow, like the scent of a blooming rose, like dew drops on ripe sweet fruits. It is fantastically beautiful and elusive, exciting and mysterious. It can not be appropriated or captivated: one can only try to catch the glare of the radiance of its beauty embodied in an artistic form.

The elegant ring of the New Muse is about the inspiration and passion that gives life to new creativity. About unforgettable instants of inner excitement and tension, which bear fruit in the form of masterpieces of art.

Human life is hard to imagine without art. Art is difficult to imagine without inspiration. Inspiration is impossible without the Muse. New visions, innovative forms and solutions, a new sense of sounds and tastes, a new style and new colors — all this brings the New Muse in a train of delicate fragrance, in scattered locks and in playful bells of laughter.

The ring «New Muse» is an image and ideal that inspires. Noble palladium gold, a scattering of diamonds and a valuable emerald. What else is needed to seduce the artist?

What else do you need to become a source of inspiration? What else is needed to complete the image of the coveted Muses?

The width of the base is 2.5-3 mm. The weight of the ring is 5.2 grams.