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Ring «Notre Dame». White gold, garnet

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold
  • Insert: Garnet 5 мм
  • Sizes: Width 8 mm


You may easily get lost in the streets of Paris, as if suddenly finding yourself in the sky among myriads of stars. You will see endless streets and lovedrunk couples, holding their hands in the most beautiful city of the entire world. You will spot squares and paintings, lanterns and coffee shops. You will see everything you will remember forever — you will see Paris. 

Ernest Hemingway, the famous writer and owner of Nobel Prize in Literature, said: «Paris is the holiday that is always with you. The holiday that never ends. You are in Paris and it is called happiness». 

The Champs Élysées enchant with its incredible aroma, every feature is pure love and triumph. The dense trees of the Boulogne Forest will bring you the answers on the soft wings of the wind. When you are in Paris, you become Paris, because there is no room for anything else. Just coffee and croissants aroma, secrets of the Latin Quarter and wild love for the eternal city. 

And if it happens that you have not been to Paris yet! Then we were right, when designing the incredible ring «Notre Dame». We put into it all the charm of Parisian squares and the shimmering beauty of the evening Eiffel Tower. In addition, we were right, when made by hand these amazing patterns, resembling placid lines of the Notre Dame de Paris. And finally, we were right when we put all the heart and soul of France into it — French kings and queens used to wear such rings. 

But if you visited the city of love and even had a cup of coffee at a coffee shop next to the Sorbonne, then we are sure you did not have enough of this city. 

You need it encore, and we can give you the daily Paris feeling in the golden ring «Notre Dame».