SKU: 2016

Ring «The Dream of the Petal». Silver, yellow gold

Available in showroom: Uzhhorod

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling silver, 14K Gold
  • Sizes: Width: 5.5-7 mm


The story of one petal!

She was an ordinary petal, unremarkable. Not the biggest and not the smallest. Every morning she returned to the sun, and in the evening she curled up and sweetly fell asleep. Outwardly, she was like everyone else. An ordinary observer would not be able to notice any difference in it.

However, her dreams! They were so big! More than a whole flower! More than a tree! More than the whole world! Her dreams were about love and tenderness. She wanted to touch people. And she saw in a dream that she lives next to them. She contemplated the color haze, where, together with other petals, she tenderly covered her hand every day, which gave her gentle touches and warmth.

Petal wanted to live forever. To outwit the very nature. To deceive autumn, and to steal from it only the color of love. And every morning she woke up again. After all, she was just a petal. 

These dreams remained unrealizable, if not for the artist with a very subtle sense of beauty. He managed to see in the petal not only its tiny form, he seemed to have read her great thoughts.

This is how the ring “Dream of petal” was born, which with love and tenderness nestles on your skin.