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Ring «Sea dream». White gold, white rhodium, blue topaz

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 18K white gold
  • Insert: Blue topaz 10x mm
  • Plating: White rhodium


Standing on the edge of the sea, you see the horizon covering the white whales gently cresting in the distance, enveloping them in huge waves of emerald velvet. You taste the salt in the air without having to step into the water. You use your fingers to turn over perfectly smooth stones that are devoid of even a single scratch.

To look at something does not necessarily mean to see it. However, everything seems different as you stand on the shore, and with the scent of a salted breeze on your lips, a thought comes to mind: «this is only the beginning». Infinity itself, which you have not perceived with your own senses before, is stretched out in front of you in full splendour. What you have thus far failed to notice becomes so obvious and bright as to be blinding.

All the feelings that had long sunk into the depths come back to life with the foamy crash of the waves. In actuality, nothing ever passes us by. It is we who pass by on our way, and it is we who shall eventually return.

A person is never alone by the sea. The element fills them with life, love, and all that is necessary. Most important of all, it fills them with dreams. Dreams are especially sweet on the seashore, and so easily achievable that it is always worth reviving thoughts of them and how they have very nearly come true.

The sea seems calm, but it is full of activity, passion, impossible and desperate desires. Feel the pulse of the sea. Feel that you and the sea are one and the same. You are an element that has not yet fully revealed its power.