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Ring «Dynasty». White gold, tourmaline, diamonds

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: White 14K gold
  • Insert: Tourmaline, diamond 1,25 mm — 18 pcs., 1,8 mm — 2 pcs., 2 mm — 2 pcs., 2,2 mm — 2 pcs.


In her power — noble white gold, the placer of diamonds and juicy tourmaline. She wants everything or nothing. She has this maximalism thanks to her legacy. Similarly, Majesty, the recognition of his uniqueness and the gift to accept successes, failures. She says that failures are only “attempts”. Because the one who does nothing — never makes mistakes. She inherited the ability to meet fear because God hid all the best behind our fears.

Time will change more than one power. Power will change more than one person. Humanity will change the world. The foundation will remain unshakable: our principles. Initially, they rule us, and then someone from the outside. They say there are written and unwritten laws. They say there is earthly and heavenly judgment. And in truth, all the most important is accepted in our head. There we lose more than one war, condemn and justify (ourselves or others). There we lay the laws by which we interact with life.

It is very important to convey to your's descendants noble principles: to love the truth as if nothing else exists besides it; believe in your opportunity to change the world for the better; to know that we are always much stronger than we seem; seek power not for fame, but to do a lot.

The Dynasty ring concentrates the power of government. She is a representative of the grand appeal created by precious stones and metal. May love always rule.