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Ring «Acropolis». Sterling silver, yellow gold, oxidation

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver, yellow 14K gold
  • Plating: Oxidation


In the world of jewelry, men’s accessories include a place that not every combination of metal and stone can claim. Everything is important here: from the first sketches to the final presentation. How to rivet your eyes, leaving a place for tons of unreasoned thoughts — knows the new men’s ring «Acropolis».

It could belong to emperors. With it one could conquer new lands. It could be inherited to his sons. Today it exists for beauty, which cannot be imagined without strength and nobility — for male beauty. It always manifests itself on a scale in which problems, inconveniences and incomprehensibility fade. It manifests itself in fundamentally unshakable hardness, which serves as the beginning of the peaks. And finally, it manifests itself in reliability, which allows you to fearlessly rise into the sky.

The Acropolis of Athens arose as a defensive structure about 6-10 thousand years ago. Even then, he attracted with its impregnability and served as a refuge for the local population in case of attack. Now his temples are a real attraction of ancient Greek architecture.

We emphasize with this decoration one of the main things that exist in the world. It raises when you fall in the eyes of your own pedestal. Inspires to be the creator of his life, even amid the ups and downs and mistakes. Gives self-confidence when the load of the marble temple is too heavy. You know that something important is happening in this temple to your heart and the heart of the whole earth. Therefore, you hold.

The Acropolis Ring is about the right to independently choose priorities and be big in front of the world. In his actions, views and intentions. The jewelry shines with a contrast of silver and yellow gold.