Twig — gold ring with topaz
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SKU: 0015

Twig — gold ring with topaz

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Yellow 14k gold
Topaz 4 mm
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The graceful cold lustre of blue stone. A bright ray of the celestial ocean among the billowing expanse of the heavens. A delicate cloudy aroma of beauty and comfort.

This is how we characterize the fresh morning glow of a topaz. It reminds us of the distant singing of the North, of Italy’s glacial lakes and the blue shores of Mexico all at the same time.

The blue topaz has adopted the role of a protective amulet over time. It helps the wearer maintain their course on the path of life, move confidently towards their goals and avoid lies and betrayal. It is most suitable for those who are striving to find a truth or seeking wealth. Blue topaz was also revered by sailors because they believed that its presence on a ship would help them find the shore and ward off inclement weather.

In addition to all its protective and magical properties, it is a stunning stone that makes hearts beat faster. Topaz perfectly emphasizes the pale tones of a woman’s skin and is a remarkable accent for any look. The ring houses perfection, but perfection is not synthetic or artificial. Perfection is exclusively crafted by Nature herself.

Our ring from the «Twig» collection chose a topaz to join it in the eternal dance of inseparable friendship. The ring is made of yellow gold, which is a spectacular complement to the majesty of the topaz.

The small topaz in the twig sparkles like morning dew or a tear of happiness on the face of Mother Nature as she meets a new dawn.