My orbit — engagement ring made of platinum with loose diamonds
$5 370
SKU: 5295
SKU: 5295

My orbit — engagement ring made of platinum with loose diamonds

$5 370
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Platinum 23K
Diamond 2 mm — 24 pcs. (0.72 ct)
The number of stones depends on the size.

I call it my dream, and it comes true every day. I call it my book and turn it into quotations. I call it my masterpiece and can’t take my eyes off her. I call her my spring and can’t quench my thirst. I call her my orbit and follow our feelings.

Life was not divided into «before» and «after». It feels like she was always with me as if we were moving in this orbit. As if the outer space had always pressed against her, choosing the best path for us.

Nobody and nothing have ever caused me to feel alike, emotionally as well. Nobody has ever looked at me with the eyes that know the way. No one has ever been so close. Sometimes it seems that we both are magnetic. And sometimes I believe it’s actually true. 

Everything is so of little importance when she is closer. If you only knew what happiness is; it’s realizing that you live Your own life, with Your people, on Your orbit. While cosmic bodies fly at breakneck speed into obscurity, and the earth loses itself under the fleet of people in love, the world closes in on us. 

We are happy to present to you another diamond ring of a woman’s heart dream, the «My Orbit» ring. The scattering of 24 diamonds on luxurious platinum is a convincing argument for every «Yes».