Bird and flowers — pendant made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with diamonds
SKU: 1102
SKU: 1102

Bird and flowers — pendant made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with diamonds

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Diamond 0.06 ct (1,5 mm) — 4 pcs.
Height with eyelet ~ 30 mm
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Birds have always had a significant symbolic meaning for humans.

Swallows were associated with spring and warm lands, pigeons - with peace and happiness, swans - with loyalty and grace, and all small forest birds - with lightness, hope and freedom.Their will and independence attracts our eyes and makes our hearts flutter, looking at how gracefully they conquer the sky with their wings. And their gentle singing sounds at any time of the year and even in the darkest days. 

We created the «Birds» collection based on the forest singing, spring breath and golden wings. And it is needed at the time when you lose connection with the earth. When someone teaches you to use your wings. Then, when you finally remember that they are given to you from birth... 

Just fly... 

Just spread your wings - believe me, they are behind your back - feel the fresh taste of flight, the dizzying smell of height, the heady noise of freedom. You have lived too long for everyone except yourself. Fly not for someone, not after someone, but just because it brings you pleasure.

There is nothing more charming than a woman who likes her flight.There is nothing more alluring than a woman who has a light bird singing in her soul. 

Let every time you put on our «Bird», you will be reminded of the delicate singing of a forest bird - so small with such a powerful mission. And let not your inner dragons teach you to fly, but the fragility of a bird, in which freedom pulsates sharply in thin veins.