Sun and moon — pendant made of yellow gold and silver with diamonds
$1 635
SKU: 5790
SKU: 5790

Sun and moon — pendant made of yellow gold and silver with diamonds

$1 635
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14k yellow gold, sterling silver
Diamond 1 mm - 5 pcs.
Diameter — 18 mm, height with eye — 27 mm
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The Sun and the Moon. Light and shadow. Day and night. A light morning haze and magic of the twilight evening.

As if there were two dimensions. Two points of contact. As the past and the future. One cannot exist without the other, and no one knows where a sunny day begins and the dance of the violet night ends.

The sun and the moon are a kind of sign of infinity of the universe. The symbol of its brilliance, because He created the purest harmony. We wake up with the Sun and fall asleep with the Moon. The Sun is a symbol of eternal life and spiritual light. The Moon — as a source of energy, vitality and peace. 

Two opposites. But one cannot live without the other. They are not meant to meet. The struggle is their mystery and feelings are a farewell. They say the Sun loves the Moon so much that it dies every night to let it breathe. 

The Sun and the Moon are the way to spiritual harmony, the physical infinity of being, the yearning for spiritual union. 

«Stay calm as a lotus flower at the foot of the temple of Truth...»

In addition, a beautiful stylish shape. And a marvelous combination of sterling silver and yellow gold.

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