Tree of life: fruits — pendant made of white gold with precious stones, covered with white rhodium
$3 471
SKU: 5925
SKU: 5925

Tree of life: fruits — pendant made of white gold with precious stones, covered with white rhodium

$3 471
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White 14K gold
Amethyst, topaz, diamond, ruby, chrysolite, sapphire, citrine — 2 mm
White rhodium
Diameter — 27 mm, height with an ear — 38 mm
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Life is built on opposing forces and dissonance. Fire and water, joy and sadness, rising and falling, doubt and confidence, truth and fabrication, birth and death. However, all the world strives for balance, and Nature is wise — she does not create excess and assiduously maintains her internal balance.

A person’s life is also built on dissonance. Black stripes alternate with white ones, success is interlaced with troubles, unbridled joy goes hand in hand with sombre, gloomy moments.

It is great wisdom to not simply accept one’s fate but instead walk confidently through the foreboding gates of uncertainty and doubt. Wisdom is not waging war with one’s circumstances or fiercely cutting through the abyss of one’s hardships and derision, and wisdom is not laughing through tears or forgiving the world of all the offenses it has wrought on you.

No. To be wise means to accept real life and maintain one’s balance through spiritual insight. Neither anxiety, nor sadness, nor joy are endless. Only a person is infinite, and their wisdom therefore lies in their acknowledgement of the state of our universe.

Confucius once said: «among those who run, stand still; among those who shout, be silent.»

The tree of life is unique in that it radiates peace and tranquil contemplation. We accept the charms of life, forgive them for their fragility and happily welcome sadness, understanding it too is ephemeral.

The tree of life is an important symbol for humankind. Wisdom, peace of mind and development are our sacred trilogy, and we created the «Tree of Life» pendant in order to manifest this trilogy in your life. The branches of the tree smoothly fill the silver space, revealing the mind, talents and spiritual potential, and each branch is a cell of the consciousness and soul.

When a person works hard to grow their inner tree, the universe thanks them for their efforts with beautiful fruits bearing the aroma of a golden summer.