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Wedding rings "Mokume. Waves of Yin and yang". Silver, shakudo

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and Shakudo (10% gold and 90% copper)

Wedding rings in the style of mokume-gane - a sign of unique style and delicate taste. To wear mokume gan all your life means to pay homage to the ancient Japanese technique, and also to bring the essence of true art into your life every day.

Translated from the Japanese "mokume gane" means "metal pine wood", because the amazing patterns on the metal resemble the ornaments that are formed on the cut wood. Nature, art and technology have found their common ground in the rings. Each ring turns out to be unique due to completely manual work.

Rings combine the classic features of bridal rings, and also is a sample of art that fits on the fingers of lovers. Mokume gan strengthens the union and keeps the secret of the oath of two people who forever bound their destiny.

Yin-yang - the two opposite sides of one reality. They say that a man is from Mars, a woman is from Venus. Yes, but they are united by an unlimited universe created by the word of love.

Wedding rings "Mokume. Waves of Yin-yang" will become a symbol of love of the soul and bodies. They are made of silver and shakudo in an elegant tandem.

The price is indicated for a pair of wedding rings.

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